C-G Series Cushion Tyre 1,340 - 1,785 kg Forklift

Small Footprint, Big Results

When space is limited but the tasks aren't, Crown's cushion tyre 1,340 - 1,785 kg forklift combines power with manoeuvrability to get the job done. With a smaller upfront investment, greater fuel economy and productivity-enhancing comfort features, these small footprint forklifts offer big performance and value.

C-G Series Cushion Tyre Forklift

Big Performance in a Small Package

For loads up to 1,785 kg, Crown's C-G Series cushion tyre forklifts provide performance and value in a compact size that easily fits into constrained floorspace and narrow, block-stacked warehouse aisles. Increase floor space and productivity at the same time.

Block stack the aisles tighter to increase floor space while maintaining access where larger lift trucks can't fit.

Block Stack with Ease

A reduced head length and turn radius means more manoeuvrability in less space.

Manoeuvre in Tight Spaces

The CGC offers a small chassis size without sacrificing capacity, enabling operators to handle loads with confidence.

Lift with Confidence
Block Stack with Ease

Comfortable and In Command

Pedal Location

Pedal location enables the operator to pivot from accelerator to brake without lifting the foot or leg, helping to reduce fatigue throughout the
entire shift.

Easy Entry and Exit

An ergonomic low step height and grab handle offers easy entry and exit, helping to reduce operator fatigue in frequent on/off applications.

Adjustable Steering Column

The tilt and telescopic steering column adjusts to operators of any size and reach and makes entry and exit even easier.

Industrial Strength Components

Oil-Cooled Disc Breaks

Long life oil-cooled disc brakes provide stopping power with less
pedal effort, are sealed from contamination and include a 5-year, 10,000-hour warranty.

Optional Heavy Duty Cooling Package

Optional heavy duty cooling package includes vented side panels and dual-core radiator to protect the powertrain against overheating in high-heat applications.

Easy-Access Oil Filter

Easy-access oil filter eliminates the bending, twisting and straining required to change filters on some lift trucks, streamlining the maintenance process.

Serviceable Component Network

Every serviceable component is supported by the extensive Crown parts and service network, ensuring increased uptime and your
peace of mind.

Convenience, Comfort and Control Built-In

Standard comfort and convenience features provide more operator confidence and control and bring even more value to this compact performer.

Convenient rocker switch enables parking brake for enhanced safety and convenience.

Electronic Parking Break

Spring-adjustable suspension seat bottom and adjustable tilt seat back provide comfort through the entire shift.

Suspension Seat

Conveniently-located handle and horn button provides both comfort and easy sounding of horn when traveling in reverse.

Post Handle with Horn Button

Two covered USB ports are available to power accessories or frequently-used electronic devices.

USB Ports
Electronic Parking Break

C-G Series Model Types

CGC 15-20 LPG
CGC15-20 LPG

These LPG-powered, small-footprint forklifts with cushion tyres are ideally-suited for use with loads up to 1,785 kg and in narrow aisles, with block stacking and in other space-constricted areas.

  • Load Capacity

    1,340 - 1,785 kg

  • Max. Lift Height

    6,000 mm (TT)

  • Power (LPG)

    51 HP @ 2450 RPM

  • Width Overall

    940 mm

Key Options and Accessories

The LED travel light package includes both headlights and rear lights to provide additional visibility for both operators and pedestrians.

Travel Light Packages

Vents provide additional cooling to critical powertrain components in high-temperature environments.

Vented Side Panels

The LPS designated units are liquefied petroleum gas powered units that are provided with additional safeguards to the exhaust, fuel, and electrical systems. They may be used in some locations where the use of an LP unit may not be considered suitable.

CG Series Forklift
Travel Light Packages